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Hanoi Street Food Tour By Walking Promo: 20$ only included all foods

Druation : 03 hours - Any Time 6h00 AM to 19h00

Price : 20 USD/ 01 Person - Book it now pay on arrival

Hanoi Street Food Tour By Scooters

Druation : 03 hours - Any Time 7h30 AM to 19h00

Price : 45 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

The Train street + Morning Hanoi Tour By Scooters 

Druation : 4,5 hours - Depart at 8h00 AM

Price : 45 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

Afternoon City + The Hanoi Train Street By Scooter

Druation : 4,5 hours - Depart at 12h05 PM

Price : 45 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

Hanoi Nightlife Street Food Tour By Walking

Druation : 03 hours - Depart at 19h00

Price : 25USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

Hanoi Nightlife Food Tour By Scooter

Druation : 04 hours - Depart at 18h00

Price : 59 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

Adventurous Street Food

Druation : 03 hours - Depart at 11h30 or 18h00

Price : 45 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

Hanoi Street Food Cooking Class

Duration : 03 hours - Depart at 9h30 , 11h30,16h00

Price : 35 USD/ 01 Person Only - All included

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Hanoi street food tour

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Hanoi Street Food & Drink

In Hanoi the food is plentiful, it’s everywhere that you look and is an integral part of the livelihoods of many locals. More often than not, the street is the stage where much of what is food related in Hanoi takes place. Street food can be found on the main streets of Hanoi, and down many of the side streets and alleyways. Most areas aren’t dedicated to food, and you’ll find places to eat sandwiched in between residences and all kinds of businesses. Several times my wife and I would walk down an alleyway that looked interesting only to find ourselves in the courtyard of a residence. The looks we received on these occasions ranged from puzzled to nonchalance. I’m not sure whether there is any regulation as to where people can sell food. Most of the time the wandering vendors seem to simply set up shop where they want, and then move on to another spot depending on how busy things are. Read More...

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